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Lipstick Crayon

100% Pure Sexy/70% Organic / Cruelty Free / Dye Free 

Phalates Free / Parabin Free / Gluten Free

Chubby 70% Organic 100% Pure Sexy Lipstick. No Harsh Ingredients. Made in USA Try our Phat Lips Organic Lipstick Crayon with Vitamin E, for a more fuller plumper appearance. Phat Lips Organic Lipstick Crayon is a cross between a lip pencil and lipstick for more control on application and longer lasting on your lips. You can apply Phat Lips Organic Lipstick Crayon slightly over your natural lip line to increase lip size with ease without the smudging of lipstick. A 2 in 1 product to save you time. One of my favorites! NET WT,.4 Grams / 0.14 oz

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