86% Organic / Cruelty Free / Dye Free / Talc Free

Phalates Free / Parabin Free / Gluten Free / BHT Free

Love Naturals Organic BB cream is 86% organic and natural. Love BB Cream gives your skin beautiful youthful coverage! Non drying and highly moisturizing,  Organic BB cream is Free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and pore clogging ingredients .Love Naturals Organic BB cream will feed your skin with nourishing nutrients and leave you looking flawless!


Contains*Organic Coconut oil, Non GMO Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Lebanese Rose (Evening Primrose) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Oil, *Organic (Blueberry) Fruit Extract, *Organic  (Green Tea) Extract, *Organic (Blue Green Algae) Extract, *Organic, (Nettle) Extract, *Organic (Chickweed) Extract, *Organic (Slippery Elm) Extract, *Organic (Milk Thistle) Extract, *Organic  (Marshmallow Root) Extract,*Organic (Oatstraw) Extract. (*Certified USDA Organic.

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