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85% Organic / Cruelty Free / Dye Free 

Phalates Free / Parabin Free / Gluten Free

Natural ingredients, 85% Organic Mascara Black No harsh ingredients.  Water based formula Our Luxury high end formula contains  hydrating moisture lock to prevent breakage that occurs with traditional toxic drying chemical filled mascaras.

You can layer as much as you want while it separate's to prevent caking and drying, Won't flake, smudge or smear, water resistant. (not waterproof). See our lovely ingredients!

I love this natural organic mascara from love cosmetics. This is the best organic mascara because it does not flake, smear, dry your lashes. Our organic mascara is highly water resistant. This is in the top 10 best organic mascaras. Love organic mascara goes on fine or can be layered to create thick full lashes. the top organic mascara would have no chemicals toxins or harsh ingredients. Natural cruelty free organic mascara is good for your lashes !Buy our Love organic mascara here. This organic mascara stays on all day through humidity.

The Best Organic Mascara

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