Christine Ahmed has been both a make up artist and a celebrity make up artist to the stars for 26 years Currently I have been living in the fabulous South Beach Miami area for the last 15 yrs snowbirding between Miami, L.A and the great Northwest. I have spent many years working in the cosmetic industry with your top favorite famous make up lines. I also have worked with many A list celebrities  on movie sets, from Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Priscilla Presley and many more in my 26 yr career. Also I have worked in the television, motion picture industry, magazines, runway, fashion week New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Clients in my career have included Make up artists for Mariah Carey, Eva Longoria, Black Eyed Peas, and many more who have used products I have created. 

We here at Love naturals Cosmetics would like to spread the word about being healthy young and beautiful the natural way. I truly believe that we live in a time of unhealthy habits, and everyday we are bombarded by environmental man made toxins and pollution.These toxins are in our food, household cleaners and air. Pesticides  and chemical additives can overwhelm the body and cause health issues. And amazingly even in cosmetics bought in your favorite stores, can have some not so pleasing ingredients. And like any girl who loves make up, In the past I didn't even think about the consequences of dyes, chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers on my health.. It all adds up in your body.
I also believe 100% that the body can heal itself by eliminating heavy metals, product toxins and toxic foods, by increasing your intake plant based micro nutrient foods.And I have been on a mission to help detox our bodies and contribute in my own way to help others. I have developed in the last 9 yrs this new healthier alternative to toxic make up for professionals, woman, celebrities and the "industry" that is high end and has everything you want in your chemical make up but without the chemicals.

I always say "Fresh food from the garden prepared by a good chef or mom with love is always better than junk food made by someone who doesn't care," It tastes better, has better quality and better for you. So it goes with make up, Do you want cheap chemical ingredients or luxury natural ingredients in your make up?

We at Love Naturals Cosmetics sincerely hope you enjoy our cutting edge cosmetics. I hope you will try my line and enjoy being healthier. Take care!!

Christina Love & Sheraz Rais Ahmed, Brian Long

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